Episode XV: The Ugly Truth Will Set You Free

Loyalty is not something we talk about much in society nowadays, and one could argue that we have not been good to our loyal fans. One could also argue that we don’t have that many loyal fans to be good to, so I guess it’s a wash. Welcome back to another episode of Herein Lies the Rub, a podcast with a name so original that it’s basically undiscoverable.

This week, have for you three tales so enthralling and immersive that you might find yourself convinced that you had been an extra on set. First we begin with the story of a woman and a man who very likely would not have a job in the year of our Lord 2019, then we move on to a lovely film about the unlikely bond of a daughter and a bunch of geese, and we close with An Extremely British Movie, sequel to A British Movie.

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